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Patented PC-controlled devices which fully automate the sieve analysis process. Analysis and complete data printout are automatic, in the lab or on the plant floor.


ROTEX offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective feeding and conveying solutions. Our comprehensive range of direct drive and electromagnetic vibrating feeders satisfy all applications, from light to heavy duty.

Lifted by the air stream

The Multi-Aspirator® uses air to classify materials by size and density, by taking advantage of the differences in terminal velocities of specific products.
Today the Kice Multi-aspirator® is used extensively in grain, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and mining industries just to name a few.


Oilseed extraction/washing/leaching

At Europa Crown Ltd. they deliver superior-quality, superior-value processing systems and technologies to the agricultural industry and beyond. Leading processing companies across the globe rely on Crown’s semi-turnkey engineering capabilities.

Turnkey Solutions / Site Operations

In addition to bringing you the world’s leading products, XOL Engineers can provide you with complete process lines:

• Total Site Management Services
• Health & Safety Auditing
• Mechanical & Structural Engineering
• Turnkey & Term Contracts
• Operation & Maintenance
• Overhauls & Upgrades

Container Loaders / Unloaders


A-Ward designs and delivers complete solutions for Container Loading and Container Unloading of bulk materials.


Pellet mills


As the world's largest manufacturer of pellet mills, CPM has led the way in developing specialized pellet mills and dies to make pelleting both practical and economical while enhancing product value and manageability in the Feed, Oilseed, Biomass and other industries.

Innovative engineering and design have been combined with the latest manufacturing technology to provide the highest quality pellet mills in the world with the best production levels ever achieved, along with excellent pellet quality.

CPM provides the best equipment, dies, rolls, parts and services which together represent the lowest operating cost solution to our customers.

Simply stated, CPM offers you the best value package. Your CPM representative is a professional with thorough knowledge of your local conditions and processing methods. He will help you obtain maximum efficiency from your pelleting process.