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Accuracy, Dynamic Response, and Ease of Use!

These are the critical components in choosing a web guide for proper alignment and maximum productivity. That’s why XOL Automation is proud to bring you Fife web guides. Along with the fact that Fife invented guiding over 70 years ago, they continue to set the standard for optimal performance; precision sensors, zero-backlash actuators, and advanced controls are used to guide unwind stands (uncoilers), intermediate sections and rewinds stands (recoilers).
Web monitoring and defect detection.

XOL Automation works with leading brands to provide you with a wide range of inspection products.  From general purpose monitoring to 100% inspection solutions with defect detection are available to address your needs.

* Visual Inspection
* Video Inspection
* 100% Scan with defect Detection
Good tension control can eliminate web brakes, wrinkles, and stretches!

Using MAGPOWR products, XOL Automation can help you reduce waste and increase the speed of the machine.   Eliminate starred rolls and manage out- of- round rolls with the industries widest product offering: load cells, tension readouts, controllers, brakes and clutches.

Quality Cut, Quick Setup, Minimal Dust, and Long Blade Life!

XOL Automation brings you Tidland’s family of knifeholders and automated slitting positioning systems.  This includes the industries 1st fully automated e-Knifeholer.  Whether you need shear, score, and razor cuts, our knifeholders take the guessing out of setting up the machines.  Depth control, side pressure, and tool-less blade cartridge change over are just a few of the advantages of using our knifeholders.

Heavy Duty Inflatable Shafts and Chucks for all Applications :

Quick change over is key in increasing efficiency and reducing setup time. Tildand invented the 1st air shaft over 50 years ago.  Since then, they have innovated a wide range of light-weight and differential shafts.    They have also introduced the industrie’s first torque and air-powered chucks that can be maintained without the need of removing from the machine.  Boschert safety chucks are a great compliment for improving employee safety while reducing roll change over time.

Quality control web cleaning and dust removal!

For years Hildebrand Technology has successfully supplied web cleaning and sheet cleaning equipment to many industries for all kinds of different applications. Hildebrand solutions are optimized for any material as well as for small and large dust amounts. All web and sheet cleaning systems can be used in manual or fully automated mode and integrated into your machine controls.

Automatic splicers for unwinds and rewinds save time !

Automated splicing with precise tension control for roll to roll processing like automatic splicing unwinds, automatic transfer rewinds are the best way to improve productivity by saving time.

Control of thickness, basis weight, caliper, moisture content, coatweight, and coating thickness.
Quality control is a key element of improving profitability, lead-time and customer satisfaction. That’s why XOL chose to bring you NDC’s measurement and control systems. NDC is the world leader of no-compromise measurement and control systems for a wide variety of manufacturing processes.
Ionization, Static Control, Electrostatic Sensing and Process Monitoring

For many years Hildebrand Technology has supplied successfully, electrostatic neutralizing equipment to many industries, for all kinds of different applications. Hildebrand system solutions are optimized for any material and for low as well as high machine speeds.  These systems can be used as standalone units or fully automated and integrated into your machine controls. All Hildebrand’s anti static systems are conform to the latest safety regulations according to EN Norms

Proper surface treatment of materials promotes better adhesion!
Whether you are printing, painting, coating, bonding or labeling, surface treatment of the material is a key factor in producing quality products. There are a host of surface treating technologies available on the market today. Ultimately your application will determine which plasma treatment technology is best. Enercon has unique, and application specific treatment solutions for narrow-web, wide-web, ultra-wide web, and three dimensional objects. Our experts can help you determine which treatment is best for your application. Surface treatment technologies include:

Corona Treaters
Plasma Treaters
Flame Treaters

Flexibility in Production Control
Appleton Mfg Division offers this extensive family of core cutters, in addition to custom equipment, to provide you with machines matched to your needs and budget. All Appleton core cutters have been job-proven in daily production. Each model has unique features to address differences in core quantity, scheduling or handling requirements.

Foil Stamping, Embossing, and Die Cutting
Pantec GS Systems provides sophisticated refining solutions for the printing industries. Many major printer manufacturers rely on Pantec GS know-how when it needs sophistication and performance for inline integration. Pantec GS Systems is focused on inline converting units:
  • Flat-Bed Hot Foil Embossing & Die Cutting
  • Rotary Hot Foil Stamping & Embossing
  • Precision Hologram Placement
  • Electrical Hot Foil Mandrels
  • Format Variable Sheet Cutter

Foil Stamping, Embossing, and Die Cutting
For virtually any application, polymer and process, Cloeren offers the Industry's most respected and innovative technologies. And if what you need doesn't exist today, Cloeren engineering team will make it a reality.

  • Fixed & Variable Feedblocks
  • InfiNano™ & NanoLayer™ Feedblocks
  • Single Manifold Die
  • Multi-Manifold Die
  • Extrusion Coating Die
Web Coating

Quickdraft meets your needs precisely
Trim removal will never be a problem in your plant if you put Quickdraft towork. Whether you collect it at the slitter location or convey it to a baler or grinder, Quickdraft is the dependable, maintenance-free way to get the job done.

BERHALTER Can Die Cut Anything
The name BERHALTER stands for the manufacturing of innovative, customer-oriented die-cutting systems. BERHALTER's die-cutting machines are the most economical solutions for efficient and precise die-cutting from the reel for all types of printed and unprinted film material.

BERHALTER is also the world's only manufacturer of flatbed die-cutting machines with its own die manufacturing facility. As a leading manufacturer of automated die-cutting machines and as specialists in high-precision cutting dies, BERHALTER offers unparalleled services, all under the title "the one-stop shop for everything you need – 100 % Made in Switzerland".

Maier rotary joints connect pressure pipes and rotating pressure systems for heating or cooling rollers with pressurized media.
Decades of experience and expertise in this area guarantee superior product quality and maximum reliability. Maier belongs to the world's most experienced manufacturers of rotary joints (sealing heads, rotary unions etc.). More than 1,000 standard versions and more than 1,000 special solutions with nominal diameters from 10 to 450 are available for many media.