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Increase efficiency. Decrease downtime. Maximize throughput. Minimize waste. Like most, these objectives are easier said than done. Unlike most, we offer a full line of web components and accessories slitting, winding, guiding, inspection & tension controls to actually help you accomplish your objectives. And not just one or two of them, all of them.


Guiding components and inspection systems for every application.

Historically, Fife pioneered the modern web guide. Since then, they have continued to lead the web guiding and inspection industry by engineering truly innovative products that increase throughput and reduce scrap. With the full line of web guides, sensors, actuators, controllers, and web inspection systems, you are sure to increase the efficiency and productivity of your operations.
Advanced Web Tension and Torque Control Technologies.

Accurate tension control is crucial to the success of any web process. That's why MAGPOWR spent the last decades engineering and developing systems that consistently outperform the competition. MAGPOWR continue to lead the tension control industry by offering the broadest range of products available, and by having the application expertise to make them work for you.

Advanced slitting and winding solutions for every application

Since creating the very first air shaft, Tidland has been committed to building products that are durable, designed for easy use, and engineered for reliable, long-lasting operation. As a result, Tidland have developed some of the most effective slitting and winding products you'll find on the market today, including innovative line of air shafts, air chucks, Boschert safety chucks, knifeholders, and slitting systems.

NDC - On-Line Measurement Solutions

NDC is the leading manufacturer of Measurement and Control Systems for process industries, with the ability to measure key parameters in real-time to enable optimization of process efficiency and product quality.
NDC's Systems are installed in extrusion, converting, calendering, nonwovens and paper processes worldwide, combining measurement sensors, scanning frames and profile display and control systems to measure moisture, coating thickness, coatweight, caliper thickness, grammage, basis weight and other key parameters.
NDC's On-line Sensors and At-line Analyzers are widely employed for production control and quality assurance in the foods, tobacco, chemicals, minerals and pharmaceuticals industries, measuring constituents as diverse as moisture, fat or oil, protein, end-point moisture, coating thickness and sugars.

Web Cleaning Systems

Hildebrand Technology has specialized itself in the field of extracting dust as well as electrostatic charging and discharging for all different types of moving substrates in web and sheet form.

Hildebrand offers custom-tailored system solutions with German engineering and Swiss precision. For each individual challenge, a system solution can be found which is optimized in terms of efficiency and cost. For each development of a system the requirements of maximum efficiency, a minimum of maintenance and the use of wear free parts are Hildebrand’s most important targets.


Safety! Safety! Safety!

Installing a Safety Chuck will help keep your workforce protected while improving productivity. For over 50 years Boschert has been setting the standard for Design, Quality, Customer Service, and reliability. That’s why XOL Automation has chosen to team up with Boschert, the world’s number one supplier of Safety Chucks.
Products Include:
• Safety Chucks
• Sliding Chucks
• Pneumatic Chucks
UNILUX - Stroboscopic Inspection Lights

The Unilux family of stroboscopic LEDs is the next generation of lighting for inspection lighting and your connection to exciting new possibilities for using strobes in industrial and high-tech applications.
Their soft light is ideal for inspecting highly reflective surfaces in printing, converting and metals processing, and their high intensity is ideal for troubleshooting and routine maintenance of complex machinery and equipment and machine vision applications

Enercon - Surface Treating Solutions:
Corona, Atmospheric Plasma and Flame Technologies

Enercon is the world's leading manufacturer of corona treatment, plasma treating and flame treatment surface treating systems and associated support equipment. Companies in the printing, coating, laminating and extruding industries rely on Enercon to provide surface treating solutions that functionalize the surfaces of a variety of materials.

Web handling expertise in automatic unwinds, rewinds and tension control systems.

Martin Automatic Inc provides automated splicing with precise tension control for roll to roll processing. In operation for over 40 years, and with over 8,000 installations in more than 50 countries, Martin Automatic is best known for its extensive line of automatic splicing unwinds, automatic transfer rewinds and tension control systems.

The name that means innovation

From the moment Peter Cloeren Sr. sketched the first Cloeren Feedblock in 1975, our name has stood for innovation. When our customers need to improve an existing extrusion process or bring something completely new to market, the innovators at Cloeren will find a solution. Cloeren’s decades of in-depth engineering expertise covers everything from the most essential sheet and cast film processes, to emerging applications in coatings and packaging; including Biaxially-Oriented Film, Cast Film, Extrusion Coating, Web Coating and Sheet processes. Products include:

  • Extrusion Dies
  • Feedblocks
  • Web Coating Dies

Venturi Powered Solutions

Quickdraft designs and manufactures innovative pneumatic material handling systems and exhaust systems, as well as providing product support and customer service. A pioneer in the use of the venturi for conveying and exhaust applications, Quickdraft provides the highest quality systems to our customers in a wide range of industries

Your Partner for Tool & Machine Making

BERHALTER creates state-of–the-art products in the fields of mechanical engineering, tool-making, mold-making and pressing technology.

As a competent and innovative partner, BERHALTER's experience coupled with a modern machine shop and the latest process technologies, for the optimization of individual production components through to the construction of complex subassemblies.

You can rely on BERHALTER's quality-conscious, highly qualified employees, who contribute to the optimization of project management and your increased efficiency.

High Quality, Reliable & SAFE Rotary Joints

Maier's mission is to be the first choice for Rotary Joint customers around the world. As one of the most experienced manufacturers of rotary joints in existence, their priority is to maximize the quality and value of rotary joint products & services. This is accomplished by integrating traditional and well-known core values of high quality, reliability, and safety with comprehensive customer and user-driven priorities combined with a solid technological infrastructure based on proven, reliable and emerging technologies.

The results are "value-added" products & solutions that satisfy customer needs.

American Cutting Edge

American Cutting Edge manufactures knives and blades used in a wide variety of industries from Converting, Food production and Packaging, to primary plastics production and recycling.
Whether the requirement is sharpness, toughness, long life or other unique features, American Cutting Edge can help to specifically craft a knife or blade that meets your production needs.